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  N P2O5 K2O CaO NO3 NH4 Water Soluble
Agro Vita
16% 16% 16% 4% 6.4% 9.6% 12%
Agro Vita
17% 5% 24% 1.2% 8.2% 8.8% 3.75%
Super Nitro Potash
17% - 28% - 8.5% 8.5% -

Agro Vita 16-16-16

An Ammonium Nitrate based imported NPK compound from CIS which contains two types of nitrogen source, ammoniacal (NH4) and Nitrate (NO3) with minimum 75% water soluble P2O5. A well-balanced formulation that is suitable for various cash crops and immature oil palm for the development and growth of planted crops.

Agro Vita 17-5-24

A customized formulation made suit the needs of oil palms for a higher K-requirement. The high-K formulation together with nitrate-based Nitrogen and water-soluble Phosphorus allows plant development to grow at its very best.

Super Nitro Potash 17-0-28

A homogenous Nitrate-based compound that has a balanced N:K ratio that is suitable for plantation crops especially oil palm. The balanced ratio improves synergistic effect of the nutrients to increase efficient uptake for better productivity.


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