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AG Macronutrients

Distribution:Fertitrade (M) Sdn Bhd

AG Ammonium Nitrate NH4 NO3 (Technical) 34% N

Water soluble ammonium nitrate source (NH4 NO3) which is suitable for foliar application, fertigation and hydroponics.

AG Calcium Nitrate (Greenhouse) 15.5% N, 26% CaO

A granular calcium and nitrogen fertilizer which is free of chlorine and heavy metals, fully soluble in water without residues. It can be used together with most water soluble fertilizers except those that contain phosphate or sulphate and is suitable for all hydroponic and fertigation systems.

AG CaNBor (Field Grade)

Total N = 15.5%, CaO = 26%, Boron = 0.3%

Ideal fertiliser for supplying nitrogen, calcium and boron for field application to cash crops and perennial crops.

AG MKP 0-52-34

Origin from Belgium.

A phosphorus and potassium fertilizer in fine crystalline powder which is fully soluble in water. It is free of ammonium, chlorine and heavy metals. As AG MKP is also free of nitrogen, it is suitable to be used with nitrogen fertilizers as well as for all hydroponic and fertigation systems. Its low EC renders it ideal for foliar application, reducing the risk of scorching. AG MKP is ideal for usage during flowering and fruit production stage. It can be used together with most water soluble fertilizers except those that contain soluble calcium and concentrated magnesium solutions.

AG Potassium Nitrate 13-0-46

A completely water soluble and high purity fertiliser designed for fertigation. It contains 46% potassium oxide (K2O) free of chloride and 13.5% nitrogen (N) in nitrate form. The nitrate nitrogen is directly available for plant uptake, resulting in fast and predictable growth response. The potassium provides for quality in high crop yield. The N:K ratio is very suitable for fruits and flowers.

AG Magnesium 16% MgO

A magnesium and sulphur fertilizer with both nutrients in sulphate form. It is fully soluble in water without residues, making it ideal for foliar application as well as fertigation system. It can be used together with most fertilizers and pesticides. AG Magnesium is also an ideal source to overcome magnesium and sulphur deficiency in crops.

AG Magnesium Nitrate 15.0% MgO, 10% NO3

A crystalline magnesium and nitrogen fertilizer containing water soluble magnesium oxide and nitrate nitrogen. It is suitable for use together with calcium fertilizer such as AG Calcium Nitrate for direct absorption by plants.

AG K SOL 50% K2O, 42% K, 18% S

A concentrated potassium fertilizer in white powder form which can dissolve rapidly without any residues. It is low in salt index and free of chloride. It can be used together with most fertilizers (except those containing calcium), pesticides and fungicides for foliar application.


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