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Corporate Profile

Incorporated in 1981, Fertitrade (M) Sdn Bhd has been in the fertilizer business for over 30 years. The Company distributes and markets a full range of specialty fertilizers and trace elements to niche markets as well as all straight fertilizers, including compound fertilizers, via our dealer network throughout the country.

This includes a full range of high quality water-soluble nutrients suitable for hydroponic, fertigation and foliar application. Besides meeting the needs of our local small plantations, fruit orchards, horticulture, flower and vegetable farms, Fertitrade (M) Sdn. Bhd. also exports to selected overseas niche markets.

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Range of Fertilizers

Synthetic Nettings

  • Agricultural:
    For Pergola Net, Orchid Shade, Plant Guard, Shading Net, Weed Control Mat, Creeper Support, Fruit Protection Net, Fruit Farm House, Greenhouse Farming, Hydroponic House, etc.
  • Industrial:
    For Roof Insulation Support Net, Construction Safety Net, Golf Driving Range Net, Hanging Net, Pest Control Net, Cargo & Lorry Net, etc.
  • Domestic:
    For Perimeter Fencing, Pool Partition Net, House Fencing, Court Fencing, Futsal, etc.
  • Civil Engineering:
    For Cliff Protection, Road Construction, Gabion, Slope Protection, Erosion Control, River Embankment, etc.
  • Fishery:
    For Fish Cage Net, Pond Partition Net, Fish or Prawn Rearing, Fish Trap, Turtle Hatchery, etc.

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