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Corporate Profile

Minerals & Chemicals Corporation Sdn Bhd aims to improve, enhance, and increase the efficient use of nitrogen in cash crops and plantation crops.

To achieve these objectives, the company as one of the local major importers and suppliers of agricultural grade Ammonium Nitrate and Ammonium Sulphate Nitrate from Russia emphasises promoting the use of 'N' fertilisers in various forms, especially ammonium nitrate, and ammonium nitrate based blends and compound fertilisers in Malaysian plantations including cash crops.

To add value, the company also imports technical grade ammonium nitrate from Russia for industrial use.

Taking advantage of its strategic geographic location in the region, the company also exports various nitrate based NPKs to neighbouring countries for use as fertilisers in oil palm plantations.

Logistics-wise, Minerals & Chemicals Corporation has an in-house company which has a Department of Occupational Safety and Health (DOSH)-compliant warehouse equipped with a dehumidifier system to store the products in an appropriate manner.


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