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Distribution:Fertitrade (M) Sdn Bhd


Ferti Libsorb

NON-IONIC WETTING and spreading agent. For use with fungicides, insecticides, herbicides and foliar fertilisers to improve spreading and penetration.


Micro Peat (Zn 3-4%, Cu 3-4%, pH 7.0)

Micro Peat is a specially formulated zinc (Zn) and copper (Cu) fertiliser for correction of zinc and copper deficiency in all types of crops. Micro Peat is also suitable for correction of zinc and copper deficiency in oil palm grown in peat soil areas.


Hydroponic A & B Set

Specially formulated for use in hydroponics and fertigation method of cultivation for crops such as tomato, cucumber, lettuce, strawberry, chilli and others.


Sodium Molybdate (Mo 39%)


Soluble Silicate (SiO 30%)


Boronate (B2O3 32%) - agricultural grade (granular)


Boronate (B2O3 38%) - agricultural grade (powder)


Borax / Fertibor (B2O5 48%) - agricultural grade


Copper Sulphate (Cu 23.5%) - agricultural grade


Zinc Sulphate (Zn 21%) - agricultural grade


Ferrous Sulphate (Fe 20%) - agricultural grade


Manganese Sulphate (Mn 31%) - agricultural grade


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