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Super Ferti Range

Distribution:Fertitrade (M) Sdn Bhd


  % N % P2O5 % K2O % MgO TE
Super Ferti Green 15-10-15-2+TE 15 10 15 2
Super Ferti Blue 12-8-18-2+TE 12 8 18 2
Super Ferti Red 12-5.5-23-3+TE 12 5.5 23 3

Super Ferti Green 15-10-15-2+TE

A high quality granular and balanced formulation fertilizer for vegetative growth especially young plants and seedlings planted in nursery. It is an ammonium nitrate based fertilizer with high water soluble phosphate (70%) which is specially formulated for growth development in all types of young plants.

Super Ferti Blue 12-8-18-2+TE

A high quality granular fertilizer for inducing flowering and enhancing fruit formation with higher levels of phosphate (P2O5) and potassium K2O compared to Super Ferti Green. It should be used after Super Ferti Green to continuously promote the growth of flower and initial of fruiting.

Super Ferti Red 12-5.5-23-3+TE

A high quality granular fertilizer with an ideal NK ratio of approximately 1:2 which is beneficial in improving crop yield and fruiting quality. A complete nutrient with high K formulation to promote higher yield and quality fruits especially in mature oil palm and fruit crops such as papaya, banana, mango and others.


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