Agromate (Pty) Ltd

Fertiliser Trading, Distribution and Supply for Improved Crop Yields And Food Security in Africa

The business growth and market potential in Africa have led to the establishment of Agromate (Pty) Ltd, in South Africa and Agromate Ltd, in Mauritius. Agromate’s African business unit is aspire to be one of Africa’s most reputable and competitive traders, importers and wholesale distributors of high-quality fertilisers to various agricultural estates, commercial farmers and small-scale farmers. Our African office also distributes high quality water-soluble fertilisers under the Ag-tech brand for fertigation, hydroponic and foliar applications. With extensive warehousing facilities and logistic partners across Africa, our customers are assured of timely delivery and availability of their supplies at all times. Our group’s vast international purchasing and marketing network will also benefit our customers in Africa as they can get the best prices for their agricultural inputs, which will in turn contribute to their profitability.

Footprint In Africa

  • Corn
  • Sugarcane
  • Potato
  • Grape



Agromate (Pty) Ltd


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