Ag Hibor

AgHibor is a refined sodium borate type of boron that has the highest level of water solubility among all types of boron in the market, such as sodium calcium borate, calcium borate and boric acid. AgHibor is formulated to spread rapidly in the solution (<75 micron) even at low temperature, leaving behind very minimal residues. By combining the highest boron content (min. 57% B2O3) with maximum dispersion and solubility in water, Ag Hibor is the best and economical choice for fertigation and foliar spraying.

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  Ag Hibor Boric Acid
Type of Boron Sodium Borate Boric Acid
Water Solubility max. 150 g/L water max. 47.2 g/L water
Boron Content(%) approx. 20.5 approx.  17
pH (5% solution) approx.  7.3 approx.  3.7
 Crystallisation Effect Minimum Can cause crystallisation and blockage in fertigation piping system
Product Main Usage
Soil Application Foliar Spraying Fertigation
Ag Hibor


0.3 – 1.0 g/L

40 – 200g / 25kg

Unit B