Ag-Tech Weed Control Mat

Ag-Tech Weed Control Mat is made of high quality polyethylene yarn with ultra violet stabilised properties. Being woven, it prevents any sunlight penetration and hence inhibits any weed growth, but still allow water and nutrients to pass through.

Application Method: Place the mat on the desired area and hold in place with pegs or farm nails.

Attention: Before installation, it is advisable to spray a round of herbicide first in areas where vigorous weeds are present.

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  • Cost effective
  • Environmental friendly
  • Suitable to use at nursery, newly transplanted area, greenhouse flooring and house matting
PE Weed Control Mat

Color: White
Roll Size: 1.8m x 50m / 1.8m x 250m


PE Weed Control Mat

Color: Black
Piece Size: 1.2m x 1.2m
Roll Size:

  1. 1.2m x 50m / 1.2m x 250m
  2. 1.8m x 50m / 1.8m x 250m
  3. 3.0m x 50m


PE Weed Control Mat / Silt Fence

Color: Green / Black
Roll Size: 0.87m x 50m / 0.87m x 100m