18-6-8-2+ME (T360)

AgCOTE is premium compound fertiliser coated in a unique resin for precise and controlled release of nutrient. The pliable, resilient coating contains a release agent which allows the penetration of water and subsequent release of the fertiliser into the soil. The amount of this release agent specifies the length of time the product will release its nutrients. The release period is specified by Type.

The rate of release of AgCOTE is modified by temperature, slowing down when temperatures are cooler and releasing more rapidly under warmer temperatures, coinciding with the crop’s rate of growth. The nutrient release of AgCOTE is not significantly affected by soil moisture, soil type, soil pH or microbial activity in the soil.

AgCOTE 18/6/8/2+ME is Type 360 signifying 360 days longevity. Product is specially formulated with micronutrients to strengthen plant physiological activities, thus, further enhancing vegetative growth of seedlings. Suitable for all crops.

Recommended application method: In planting hole/sub-soil

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  • Just in-time crop manuring
    Polyolefin coating is characterised by temperature, thus, highly controlling nutrient release which concurrents with the crop's growth rate. 
  • Optimisation in nutrient uptake
    Application in planting holes, thus, whatever nutrient released can be immediately uptake by the plant roots.
  • Cost effective for nursery and year one manuring   
    Application during transplanting, thus, save on labour cost and labour requirement.
  • Minimise environmental pollution and improve nutrient use efficiency
    Photodegradable coating ensures the polymer coating degrades over the time without leaving any pollutants in the soil.
  • High quality raw materials with minimal chloride
    Availability of water soluble nutrients such as ammonium nitrate, diammonium phosphate and magnesium sulphate. Potassium in the form of sulphate of potash further provides minimal chloride content to prevent root scorching.
Total N 18.0%
  • Ammoniacal-N (NH4+-N)
  • Nitrate-N (NO3--N)
Total P2O5 6.0%
Total K2O 8.0%
Total MgO 2.0%
Total B 0.02%
Total Cu 0.05%
Total Fe 0.20%
Total Mn 0.06%
Total Mo 0.02%
Total Zn 0.015%
Total S 4.0%
Total Cl <1.0%
Moisture Max 1.0%
Size 2 - 4 mm (90.0% min)
Physical Granular, free-flowing