AgroSorb 20™

AgroSorb 20 is a polymeric adjuvant specially formulated by Fertitrade to enhance agrochemical’s efficacy. Agrosorb 20 is a combination of activator adjuvant (non-ionic surfactant) and utility adjuvant (drift control agent). Agrosorb 20 is suitable to mix with most of the agrochemicals, especially herbicides to improve dissemination and provide longer protection.

Available in 1 litre, 4 litres, 20 litres

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  • Sticking
    AgroSorb 20 is able to reduce surface tension of water and formation of water beads on leaf surface, especially on waxy and hairy leaves. This reduces water droplets bouncing effects, hence improving stickiness of the agrochemicals on the leaf surface.
  • Spreading & Wetting
    Due to the reduced surface tension of water, flatter water droplets have better surface contact, hence better spreading and wetting effect.
  • Penetrating
    AgroSorb 20 is able to reduce evaporation of the spray. Therefore, agrochemical has longer period of time to diffuse and penetrate. Agrosorb 20 is also an oily liquid.
  • Rainfastness
    AgroSorb 20 is able to provide 1 hour rain protection, thus better effectiveness and is able to cut re-spraying cost.
  • Drift Control
    Thicker and heavier solution can be achieved through the use of AgroSorb 20, thus reduces spray driftness during spraying. An accurate spray is able to reduce health risks caused by inhalation of agrochemicals during operation, as highlighted in MSPO.
Active ingredient   Nonylphenol Ethoxylated
Surface type   Non-ionic
Appearance (25 oC)   Clear, yellow liquid
HLB value   approx. 12
Density g/cm3 1.01
pH value (5% solution)   7.1 ± 0.1
Solubility   forms clear solution, no gelling
Foliar Types Dilution rate in 18L solution Dilution rate in 200L solution
Normal surface 10 ml 110 ml
Waxy / hairy surface 15 – 30 ml 160 – 330 ml