PolyBasic® is a mixture fertiliser with combination of three straight fertiliser including Polyhalite. Polyhalite is a natural mineral found deep underground beneath the North Sea close to the UK coast. The addition of Polyhalite in the mixture fertiliser beneficial as it supplied magnesium in its natural form and the nutrients available is water soluble thus improve nutrient uptake for the plants.

Available in powder form. 

  • Water soluble nutrients in sulphate form

Fully water soluble with all cations in sulphate form to improve nutrient uptake.  

  • Improve yield and crop quality  

Prolong storage life of crop, leading to higher crop productivity and crop quality.

  • Prolong nutrient release  

The nutrients are slowly released into soil with minimal leaching effect.  

  • Suitable as soil conditioner  

Neutral pH to improve acidic soil condition while supplying nutrients at the same time.

  • Low carbon footprint  

Lower carbon footprint value compared to most common fertiliser as a measurement of friendly environment.

  • Approved for use in organic agriculture

Concentrated organic product as approved by OMRI.

Total Nitrogen (N) 9%
Total Potassium (K2O) 23%
Total Magnesium (MgO)  1.5%
Total Calcium (CaO) 4%
Total Sulphur (S) 12%