Royal Terra
12-12-17-2 +2%S+8%CaO+45%OM

Imported nitrophosphate fertiliser produced by reacting phosphate powder rock with nitric acid to convert excess calcium into valuable calcium nitrate instead of gypsum. At the same time, potassium, magnesium and others are added to provide full range of nutrients to the plant. Provides additional advantage by acting as soil conditioner with the addition of organic matter and humic acid while supplying major nutrients at balance ratio.

Suitable for flowering and fruiting stage of all crops. It contains 4.8% of nitrate-N and 1/3 of water-soluble phosphate. This formula also contains all secondary macronutrients MgO, S and CaO needed by the crops throughout their life cycle.

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  • Immediate availability of nitrate-N and water-soluble phosphate
  • Availability of both fast action nitrate-N and sustainable action ammonium-N
  • Availability of organic matter
    To improve soil condition especially in arid regions.
  • Availability of humic acid
    Enhance nutrient retention and nutrient uptake efficiency.
  • Soil conditioner; No soil acidification
  • Fast absorbability
  • Balance nutrition suitable for entire growth stage
  • Availability of calcium oxide as soil amendment while supplying calcium to the crops
Total N 12%
  • Ammoniacal-N (NH4+-N)
  • Nitrate-N (NO3--N)
Total P2O5 12.0%
  • Water Soluble P2O5
Min 4.0%
Total K2O 17.0%
Total MgO 2.0%
Total S 2.0%
Total CaO 8.0%
Organic Matters 45%
Moisture Max 1.0%
Size 2 - 4 mm (90.0% min)
pH 5.0 – 6.5
Physical Granular, free-flowing