Super Nitro Potash (SNP)

Premium compound fertilisers imported from Russia which contain balanced nitrogen sources of ammoniacal (NH4+) and nitrate (NO3-) to supply readily available nitrate-N as well as sustainable available ammoniacal-N to the plant.

SNP 14/14/23+TE contains full range of nutrients at balance ratio to improve plant growth. Balance N, P & K formulation promotes vegetative growth while trace elements such as copper, zinc and boron support various enzymatic activities for the plants. Water-soluble phosphate improves rooting and nutrient uptake efficiency. It is recommended to induce flowering and fruiting of all plants.

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  • Balance ratio of ammoniacal (NH4+) and nitrate (NO3-) sources
    To supply two phases of nitrogen release to the plants.
  • Synergistic effect between NO3- and K2O 
    Application of NO3and K2O at one time improves nutrient uptake efficiency.
  • Reduced acidity effect 
    Nitrate-N has lower acidity effect compared to ammoniacal-N.
  • Homogenous and uniform granular
    Suitable for mechanization.
  • Consistent nutrient content
    Produced from double-liquid stage.
  • Anti-caking and free-flowing
  • Compatible with other fertilisers for blending purpose
  • Suitable for all soil types
  • Availability of water-soluble nutrients
Total N 14.0%
  • Ammoniacal-N (NH4+-N)
  • Nitrate-N (NO3--N)
Total P2O5 14.0%
  • Water Soluble P2O5
Total K2O 23.0%
Moisture Max 1.0%
Size 1 - 4 mm (90.0% min)
Granule Static Strength > 3 MPa or 30 kgf/cm2
Water Solubility at 20°C > 95%
Physical Granular, free-flowing