Weather Resistant Film

Weather resistant film is the latest technology produced greenhouse film with embedded Carbon Nano Tubes and UV stabilization for 3 years in 120-140 KLY/ year climate condition with thickness of 150 Microns. The Vinyl Acetate content of this film is 2% with maximum transparency over 83%. Weather resistant film possess greater strength, flexibility and resistance which ensure a long and more efficient span life. Furthermore, it can also absorb or reflect the infrared radiation that making it become essential for the growth of plants or crops in the greenhouse.

  • High level of light transmission
  • Absorb or reflect the infrared radiation
  • UV protection
  • Anti-fog effect
  • Anti-static effect
  • Anti-algae
  • Prevent stored thermal energy from dissipating

Rolls Sizes:

  1. 4m x 50m x 0.12mm
  2. 7.32m x 34m x 0.15mm
  3. 7.32m x 49m x 0.15mm