Product Launch

Polysulphate, multi-nutrient sulphate fertilizer

Agromate is pleased to announce a new addition to its fertilizer product line, Polysulpate, a naturally occurring multi-nutrient sulphate fertilizer, which improves crop quality and delivers growers increasing yields and profits. It contains four essential macronutrients: sulphur, potassium, magnesium, and calcium – all in sulphate form and all fully soluble, with all nutrients available for the plant's uptake. It delivers superior yields, improved quality, and increased profitability, thus enhancing crop health and vigour.

Polysulphate fertilizer is derived from the polyhalite stratum of rock, which lies over 1,000 metres beneath the North Sea off the coast of North Yorkshire in the United Kingdom. It was formed in 260 million years ago and is located at 150-170 metres below the potash seam at the Cleveland Potash Boulby Mine. Polysulphate is available in granular and standard grade (powder). The low content of chloride makes it ideal for use on chloride-sensitive crops; Due to its low salinity index, neutral pH and no acidifying effect, it is therefore an ideal natural source for all crops. Polysulphate is also approved for organic agriculture by various countries.

Available in its natural form, Polysulphate has a low carbon footprint. It delivers reliable, high value with low environmental impact. Unlike blended or compound fertilizers, Polysulphate is available in its natural state. It is mined, crushed, screened and bagged, involving no chemical separation or other industrial processes. The natural process by which Polysulphate is produced makes it a low carbon footprint fertilizer. This helps growers to achieve carbon targets demanded by retailers and some food processors.

Agromate (M) and Fertitrade (M) are the sole distributors of Polysulphate in Malaysia.

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